Brawley Teachers Do Something Out of the Box at McTeacher Night

Parent educator Pollyana Johnson gladly collected money from families at the McTeacher night for Witter School

BRAWLEY- Myron D. Witter teachers and staff had to work out of their comfort zone at the annual McDonald’s McTeacher Night to raise money for their school.

Every year McDonalds host the McTeacher nights in an effort to help their communities.  Teachers and staffs of the schools work for a night at the restaurant for a two hour shift, doing everything the employees of McDonalds do.  The school keeps twenty percent of the night’s overall sales and all side tips.  All grades split the tips evenly according to Witter Principal Debra Hale.

Witter teachers and staff manned all jobs including working the cash registers, prepping and serving food, and running the drive through.  Watching the teachers hustle in a different environment and setting delighted many a student who brought their family.

“It’s odd seeing them working, but it’s cool,” said 6th grade student Sydny Sing.

“It’s a pretty good deal,” said Daniel Colunga, a father of four Witter students. “You can eat here and at the same time help out the school.”

“It’s really generous for them to help out with the fundraising,” said Cheryl Charlton, a 3rd grade teacher from Witter.

At the end of the event the school that raises the most in Brawley will receive an extra $1000 for the school.  For the past three years Oakley school has won that honor, but Principal Hale hopes they can change that this year.

“The students really enjoyed seeing us in a different environment from school,” said Hale, who was working the door, hustling just like the rest of her staff, “It’s an event for school fundraising but it also creates connections with the community.”

Hidalgo will be having their McTeacher night Thursday evening and Oakley will hold theirs on February 11.  Phil Swing will be hosting their night on March 2nd.