Brawley Sunstrokers Swimmers Win Meet Hosted by El Centro Sunsations



EL CENTRO — The El Centro Sunsations Swim Team hosted the Brawley Sunstrokers in a dual meet at the Central Union High School pool Thursday evening. The Sunstrokers won the meet, earning 2274 in combined team points from events.

Both boys and girls, ages 6 to 18, competed in over 40 events to see which team would come out on top.

Through 12 events, the Brawley Sunstrokers totaled a combined team score of 710.5. while the El Centro Sunsations held a combined team score of 651.5. The Brawley women’s team totaled 353 points and the El Centro women’s team totaled 397 points. The Brawley men’s team earned 357.5 points while the El Centro men totaled 254.5.

Some notable final times include Jaciel C. Orta, with a time of 37.35 for the girls six and under 25 meter butterfly, Breauna K. Rebollar, with a time of 29.22 for the girls ages seven/eight 25-meter butterfly, and CJ J. Manuel with a time of 35.66 for the boys 11-12 50 meter butterfly.

For events 13 to 24, the Sunstrokers had a combined team score of 1563.5, while the Sunsations held a combined team score of 1212.5. The El Centro Sunsations women’s team totaled 745 points and the Brawley Sunstrokers totaled 728 points for events 13 to 24. The Brawley Sunstrokers men’s team totaled 835.5 points and the El Centro Sunsations totaled 467.5 for events 13 to 24.

Notable final times for events 13 to 24 include Benjamin Limentang, with a time of 26.90 for the boys ages seven/eight 25 meter backstroke, Cassiana A. Escalera, with a time of 45.47 for the girls 9-10 50 meter backstroke and Landynn A. Olivas with a time of 43.59, for the boys 9-10 50 meter backstroke.

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