Brawley Post Office appears abandoned: UPDATE



Dying plants in front of Brawley Post Office building





UPDATE: Brawley Post Office hires landscape contractor.

BRAWLEY – The Desert Review has received numerous calls about the condition of the plants in front of the Brawley Post Office building.

The trees and shrubs appear to be dying from lack of watering and the grass has turned brown and is in need of mowing.

The City of Brawley has been in contact with the Brawley Post Office about the ongoing issue, according to City Manager Rosanna Bayon Moore.

The Desert Review contacted the Brawley Post Office Officer-In-Charge Walton McBride who explained their position last Friday.

“I’m aware of the ongoing landscaping issue at and around the entrance to the Brawley Post Office,” said McBride. “We recently had our building custodian retire and based upon the our contractual agreements, the Brawley Post Office does not qualify for an employee to refill that position. What that means is that there will be no full-time attendant on duty, but instead we are tasked with finding a contractor to fulfill the duties. We are currently in the process of selecting a bid from contractors to maintain monthly maintenance and conduct a renovation of the area.”

To stop the deterioration of the existing plants and trees, McBride was asked if it was possible to water the area.

“Thanks for the advice,” said McBride. “We’ll get right on that.”

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  1. What a shame to have our Post Office landscaping to be unkept & dying from lack of water. To drive up with my parents as a young girl then adult it was beautiful. Then when we walked into the post office everything smelled good & floors buffed & shiny. We need people who are hired to take pride in their work. I might as well add this comment about City of Brawley walkways are dirty & need to be painted again. Just disgusted the way our city looks like a dump!

  2. Here’s an idea. BUHS has students that work for the maintenance dept. Through the ROP program. You can get together with the city and maybe contract through them. I’m sure something can be worked out and it’s a great opportunity for the kids. I know someone who has just graduated and is still working but informed me yesterday that he has to be prepared to be layed off soon. Randy smith is the one in charge of the maintenence kids.

  3. This is not a new issue. Last year my husband was prepared to go over on the weekend to edge the sidewalks., and he is well past retirement age, This post master and the prior one should be held accountable. The condition of the flag has nothing to do to with the retirement of the custodian.

  4. What a typical “that’s not my job” response. As if someone couldn’t have taken a little pride in the facility and their employer (USPS) to go above and beyond. At least enough to water the shrubs once in a while until they find a contractor. Sickening mentality and very narrow minded. Seems to be systemic with this particular organization as it embarks on a slow and painful death. Everyone else knows that preventive maintenance goes a long way to save money in the long run. I wonder whose pocket the new landscaping will have to come out of? Oh, wait…

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