Brawley Pop Warner Runs for the Cure



Pop Warner

BRAWLEY – The Brawley Pop Warner Association partnered with Between Women to hold a 5K walk/run marathon Sunday morning at the Brawley Cattle Call Arena to support the search for a cure for Breast Cancer.

Participants and guests filled the park waiting for the marathon to begin. The 1st time event was held in October to show support for the month that represents Breast Cancer awareness. Registration for the event was a donation of $20, which included a t-shirt.

Don Campbell, the mayor of Brawley and president of the Brawley Pop Warner expressed his feelings on the event, “We usually do a Pop Warner barbecue each year to raise money for the teams but this year we wanted to do something different to give back to the community and for a good cause.”

Nearly 1700 residents donated to the Brawley Pop Warner marathon, and over 300 walkers and runners participated in the event all showing their support for finding a breast cancer cure. Profits donated went to the non-profit charity organization, Between Women, and the Brawley Pop Warner teams.

The organizers displayed on tables trophies, cookies, and prize bags decorated with the breast cancer prevention ribbon symbol. Twenty four of the marathon participants received ether a trophy or prize for placing in the marathon. Walking participants circled the 1-mile track around the Cattle Call Arena. Running participants ran the track three times.

Between Women is a non-profit organization that supports women with breast cancer and provides means for low-income and underinsured women to get mammograms. They also educate women and help diagnosed women to live longer through timely and quality treatments. Between Women also hopes that with the empowerment of women, and with effective tools, the cure to breast cancer will be found before the year 2020.

For more information on to donate to Brawley Pop Warner you can contact Diana Delgado at (760) 587-7022. For more information on how to donate to the non-profit organization Between Women you may contact (760)351-1774



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