Brawley Pop Warner Football Hosts 4th Annual Conditioning Night


BRAWLEY – The Brawley Pop Warner organization hosted its fourth annual conditioning camp Saturday at Soto Field to get kids prepared for the up and coming football season. This camp was for children of all age groups who wanted to sign up for the 2016 season.

Coaches speak to players on what it means to be a football player
Brawley Pop Warner coaches speak to prospective players on what it means to be a football player.

For the new kids who are entering the league, they were able to get a feel for practices they will be facing when the season begins. Organizers said families can see if their children will like the sport before they pay money to sign them up.

“We are trying to introduce the sport to the children that have come out today to see how they are going to like it,” said Coach Bobby Sanchez. “We are also giving the kids a workout while teaching them the fundamentals of the game.”

Before beginning the activities of the of the camp, children were first divided into age groups to be split up into different stations. The stations helped players learn fundamentals like running, catching, and hitting.

For conditioning, participants were strapped to a sled with a 10-pound weight and were asked to sprint five yards while pulling it. This drill is to help players condition and gain speed by adding weight to their bodies. Moving forward to other stations, they diligently ran patterns as instructed by their coaches to work on their catching skills. Young and old players use this drill to work on maneuvering up and down the field to make necessary catches.

This camp brought out these young boys and girls for a night of fun and conditioning to get them ready for the season ahead by instilling the values and skills they will need to be a football player.

“By teaching new and returning players the fundamentals of football we are building better players and above all, hard working young men and women,” said Sanchez.

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