Brawley Police Chief Promotes Officer Sandoval to Sergeant

Newly promoted Brawley policeman, Michael Sandoval, kneels so his daughters Julianna (R) and Savannah (C) can pin his new sergeant badge on his uniform.

BRAWLEY — During a pinning ceremony at the Brawley city council chambers, Chief of Police Michael Crankshaw promoted Officer Michael Sandoval to sergeant.

“This is a wonderful opportunity,” said Crankshaw, “with our police family filling the room, and Sandoval’s family,  to promote Mike to sergeant. We had great candidates, many who are in line with future promotions.”

Sandoval chose to have his daughters, Savannah, 7, and Julianna, 9, remove his present badge and then pin his sergeant’s badge onto his uniform while his wife, Gorette, watched the family’s touching ceremony.

“Thank you very much for the opportunity,” Sandoval said to the other officers after the pinning. “Every one of you reflect on the accomplishments we have achieved. I would not be here without your assistance. And to my family, I know as the dad I am away a lot, yet you always encourage me. Truly this is an honor. Mentoring is one of the most important part of police work internally, and I plan to continue to mentor and be part of the team.”

Sandoval has been with the Brawley Police Department eight months.

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