Brawley Officers Successfully Assist Elderly Female Choking


city-of-brawley-logoOn Tuesday, September 13, 2016, Brawley Police Department Communications Center received an emergency medical aid call of an elderly female choking. Commander Kelly Brown and Detective Richard Davey were both near the area when the call came in and responded to assist. They were first to arrive on scene and noted the victim was losing consciousness. The lifesaving Heimlich procedure was used on the victim. After several attempts by both officers they were successful at dislodging a food object obstructing her breathing and victim’s breathing was restored.

Police Chief Michael Crankshaw noted both officers did an excellent job. “The rapid response and the quick action taken by the officers saved our resident from a potential fatal outcome. These officers’ commitment to the preservation of life was clearly on display during this incident and they have my highest praise for a job well done.”

The victim was treated by the Brawley Fire Department then transported to Pioneers Memorial Hospital for precautionary reasons.