Brawley names park in honor of Capt. Scott Pace


(October 2, 2012. Brawley) The Brawley City Council approved a request by the residents of the Ridge Park Subdivision to rename Ridge Park to Capt. Scott Pace Memorial Park Tuesday night at their regular meeting.

Richard Rubio, Interim Director of Parks and Recreation addressed the City Council.

“In July, Ridge Park resident Marlene Currier presented the Parks and Recreation Commission a letter requesting that Ridge Park be renamed to honor  Capt. Scott Pace along with the signatures of 30 residents of the Ridge Park Subdivision,” said Rubio. Parks and Rec also supports these recommendations as part of a grateful community to honor Capt. Scott Pace and his family. Scottie was an incredible young man and a brave warrior. He gave his life protecting his fellow soldiers. This gesture on the City’s behalf would honor one of Brawley’s finest who left us way too early. Approval of this request would be a demonstration of the gratitude the community holds towards his parents, Pat and Kathy, and his siblings, Ricky and Brooke.”

“We want to honor Capt. Scott Pace, Brawley’s hometown American hero,” said Marlene Currier. “This park with Scott’s name will allow future generations to always remember his legacy as a young man who possessed integrity, courage, and a true passion in always helping his fellow Americans.”

The residents of the Ridge Park community have offered to pay for a new sign for the park. They ask that the sign be installed by the City.




  1. A fine and lasting salute to this brave courageous young man- pray for and give thanks to his family for their sacrifice everyday!!! Never forget.

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