Brawley Little League 11-12 All Stars Take Championship





BRAWLEY – There was no doubt the Brawley Little League 11-12 year olds were hungry for a win, especially against the defending champs, Calexico, Wednesday night at Volunteer Field in Brawley.

After a 6-2 win, Brawley Manager Alex Torrez said, “It was a great game, a great battle. Our boys just showed a little more heart than the other team. We’ve been waiting for a long time, we have lost to Calexico two years in a row, but we won when it counted.”

Lupe Navarro Photo
Lupe Navarro Photo

Brawley boys played tough against Calexico, taking an early lead of 3-0. It wasn’t until the third inning that they allowed Calexico a run and that was by a power homerun hit by Luis Garcia.

The strength of Brawley’s pitching, lead by Kristian Garcia and relieved by fireball Nathan Torrez, kept Calexico at bay, striking out many batters while the infield easily handled any hits.

“We are full of  strengths, we don’t really have a weakness, we have really good bats, our defense is solid, and our pitching is awesome,” Torrez said. “For pitching, we have a lot of horses in the stable, I wasn’t done, we had a lot more pitching we could have thrown at them.”

Brawley’s batters were led by Aaron Rubalcaba, Damien Garcia, Ray Lizarraga, Kristian Garcia, and Jonathan Gonzales.

Brawley moves up to play the winners of District 66 in San Diego.

Torrez said, “We do have a challenge in front of us. Of course they are going to be the best of the league up there. We are moving up and I’m looking forward to the challenge.”

“We aren’t changing our strategy, we have strengths, we just have to go out there and focus, play ball like we know how, and minimize the mistakes,” Torrez added.