Brawley in center of earthquake swarms

Von's Grocery Store in Brawley after 5.5 quake
Damage at Von’s Grocery after the first of the 5+ magnitude earthquakes hit Brawley on Sunday

(August 26, 2012, BRAWLEY) The citizens of Brawley have been inundated with swarms of earthquakes starting at 3 a.m. and continuing throughout the day. The magnitude has ranged from 3.0 to 5.4. Damage included the two main grocery stores, Vons and Walmart, which caused them to close due to cans and bottles thrown everywhere and safety concerns for their clients.


Mary Miller owner of Superior Furniture had her large showroom plate glass break, downtown Brawley had plaster collapse from the older buildings, and a water main on North 1st burst.



Many homes have had damage inside as unsecured items flew off the shelves and cupboards.



Each large quake causes more damage.



Many families have chosen to stay outside on their front lawns despite the 100 degree plus heat. In Brawley, the public library and Lions Center are both open to the public and double as cool centers.



Sirens from police and fire periodically break the uneasy silence as they respond to 911 calls.



Outside of apartment buildings next to Rally’s Hamburger, an Imperial Valley County Fire crew responded to a recent call. Asked if there was anybody hurt at the complex, one quick witted fireman who refused to be identified said, “Not yet, but it was almost us in need of rescue as we were out on that balcony when that last big earthquake hit.”



The emergency services remind everyone to remain calm, get out of unsafe buildings, and check on elderly neighbors and relatives.