Brawley High Election and e3: The Next Steps


by Brooks Hamby

Brooks Hamby

This past Monday, the e3 project was launched for the Brawley Union High School District. The first step was a simple one, calling attention to many of the current problems within the culture, policy, and course offerings of our schools, and offering e3 as a solution with community engagement. The launch has received great response from individuals voicing their agreement and interest in the project. The goals of e3 are three fold — to engage the community on issues of importance to education in order to enhance the quality of schooling so that   students, parents, teachers, and members of the community may be ​empowered for a stronger path forward.

As such, the public is strongly encouraged to contact and get engaged with the e3 project in ways from sharing their own thoughts and ideas t​hrough social media​ about education in Brawley and Imperial Valley more broadly, down to forming a committee of volunteers who will dedicate some time and attention to guiding the discussion and collection of ideas for the tangible improvement of our schools.

It is an exciting prospect to give this upcoming election the full attention, questions, and care in selecting candidates that it deserves. e3 is proud to share that all candidates have been contacted as of Thursday night, and will be happily awaiting the return of each of the five BUHSD candidate’s responses. Each candidate was provided via email(or home address for one candidate without email) an e3 Candidate Packet. Included was a p​ersonal letter​thanking them for their time and energy, a copy of the​e3 launch Op-Ed,​as well as a Candidate Profile and Survey.​These materials may be viewed online at e​​

The profile asks questions about the background of each candidate, as well as the motivations for running, and the ideas they seek to implement if elected. Perhaps most importantly, all candidates were served with a position survey of 14 questions, on issues of great importance to the focus and mission of the education of students at BUHS through culture, policy, and course offerings. The sharing of the candidate’s positions on each of these statements (“strongly disagree” “disagree” “no opinion” “agree” “strongly disagree”) allows the public to gain a richer and much more in depth understanding of the motivations and positions of each of the candidates, in ways that yard signs and mail flyers don’t quite accomplish.

e3 will seek to focus and create a vigorous conversation surrounding this election, and real meaningful impact can only be accomplished with community involvement and contribution of thoughts and ideas. Both the participation and demonstrated interest from the public and candidates alike in engaging with

principles and values e3 stands for will serve future board members and students well in the years that follow.

Candidate Survey Questions

  1. I believe that a well-rounded education should include engaging vocational education and skill training.
  2. I believe that additional courses such as computer coding would offer incredible opportunities to students at BUHS, and are accessible for students as courses for free or low cost via internet classes.
  3. I believe that a great board member actively strives for input, discussion, and guidance primarily with students, parents, and teachers. The administration and superintendent also have a role.
  4. I believe that I as a candidate possess the ability to say “No.” to proposals that would deprive students of opportunity or be wasteful of school funds.
  5. I support the practice of prioritized budgeting where non-essential items to the direct education of a student are second to tangible academic opportunities.
  6. I believe a school culture of apathy and low expectations is harmful to students.
  7. I believe that just the meeting of basic requirements does not serve students to the absolute greatest ability by the school.
  8. I believe that the school has the ability to counter high youth unemployment with outstanding vocational training, job preparedness, and college readiness.
  9. I believe that I as a candidate, and a possible future Board Member, am a committed defender of religious liberty in schools and the First Amendment protections of all students.
  10. I support growing the academic program to be as strong if not stronger than our athletic programs and abilities through increased rigor, robust resources available, and breadth of class offerings.
  11. I believe current course offerings at BUHS are inadequate for the greatest success of students.
  12. I believe that the superintendent serves the Board, not the other way around.
  13. I understand that robust AP course offerings significantly reduce the burden and expense in attending college for Brawley students.
  14. As a socioeconomically disadvantaged area, BUHS has a moral obligation to provide education and opportunities that are not currently offered.