Brawley Elementary to begin new era of neighborhood schools



BRAWLEY – BESD board on Tuesday night voted to accept and implement the School Configuration and Realignment Committee’s recommendation for the kindergarten through 6th grades school boundaries.

Brawley Elementary School District is one of the last in the state to continue bussing practices to diversify schools. All Brawley neighborhoods have close to the same racial numbers so the bussing practice has become obsolete. The practice also discriminated against the poorest in the community by increasing costs in attending two different elementary schools for assemblies, special programs, teachers conferences and fundraisers.

The realignment committee concentrated on keeping boundaries as walkable as possible, avoiding boundaries that make children cross major roads and railroad tracks where possible.


This also includes the added task of drawing in a new elementary school when they redraw attendance boundary lines.


The Brawley elementary schools are overcrowded and have been in need of a new school for many years now according to Superintendent Ron Garcia. Mobile trailers provide additional classrooms to accommodate the overflow at each school campus.


The Elementary District has been in negotiations for additional property to build the fifth school.


Trustee Cesar Guzman suggested an oversight committee be established to monitor the realignment process. He said this would keep the community informed of decisions that affect their neighborhood schools.


Superintendent Ron Garcia said the district would soon be holding public forums to discuss Common Core and Local Control Accountability Plan and realignment of school borders could be added to the agenda.


Realignment will develop neighborhood schools once again. No longer will bussing drive students across the town, nor will families have several elementary students attending different schools.


  1. this will definitely take this back to the old days. it will again divide our town. the tracks will be the division bar. there will be sides taken and racial divide in brawley. shame on all of you… oakley will suffer the most, and witter will prosper the most.

  2. its so strange, because a few years ago mrs. prior brought this before the board for discussion and i remember cesar jumping all over her for even wanting to talk about it. something about racially dividing the city like in the old days. it would cause problems, but the snake that he is, he has completely unstraddled the fence. he is good at straddling. he must have been promised something from it… he even mentioned the shootings at bobbys market, due to this in the old days. way before our time… i think she actually called the district office and withdrew it from the agenda for the next meeting, not wanting to cause any problems. cesar, do you remember that?? we do…

  3. Great…how will the mula be split….40% Witter, 30% Swing, 20% for those 2 other schools. Happy days are here again.

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