Brawley landfill enters final phase of clean-up


EL CENTRO – The Board of Supervisors took action on authorizing funds for Phase III in the final stage of closing the Brawley landfill. Public Works director William Brunet reported that Phase I and II were almost done. Phase I involved bringing in 100,000 cubic yards of material at a cost of $1.5 million. Phase II was waste relocation at $500,000 dollars and Phase 3 included relocating 35,000 cubic yards of waste, and then bringing in 150,000 cubic yards of cover material. The final phase is the most expensive at $5.9 million dollars.

Supervisor Gary Wyatt said, “The public is just not aware of how expensive closing a landfill is.”

Brunet told the board that Brawley’s landfill is the second largest solid waste facility in the valley. The dirt to cover the waste was hauled from the Holtville airstrip, and in answer to Wyatt’s question on how long the trucks will continue to drive by his house, Brunet said the trucks will stop in a few weeks.

Total restoration is projected for the first week of June. Once the landfill work is completed, Hovely Road work will commence to repair damage caused by work at the landfill.

The Brawley landfill will continue to cost the county $30 to 40 thousand dollars in annual maintenance. The present law calls for 30 years of maintenance, but there is a groundswell movement to continue maintaining closed landfills for perpetuity.

Winterhaven is the next landfill Public Works will close. Brunet said preliminary work had already commenced with ground testing for pesticide dumping.

While Brunet was still at the podium, Wyatt asked if public works could post a sign telling the truckers that the Brawley bypass was also for Hwy 111 and not just Hwy 78. “Trucks don’t know it’s for all of them. They are still driving down Main Street, Brawley.”


  1. I live in Brawley on Alamo St. and N. Imperial. Every day since about the beginning of May there have been huge trucks working the land fill behind my home. The house shakes and the noise outside is terrible. I understand that certain works of clean up or reclamation need to be done, but how long will this go on? We are now in mid June. Is this going to be a year, two years?

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