Brawley Christian Academy Holds Annual 5K Fundraiser

Runners rush to the finish line during Brawley Christian Academy’s Annual 5K Run Saturday at Cattle Call Park.

BRAWLEY — The Brawley Cattle Call Park served as a new venue to this year’s 5K run fundraiser for Brawley Christian Academy (BCA). As a private school, much of the operating funds come from benefactors’ donations and fundraisers who help keep the school’s expenditures paid.

Principal Bob Feist said the funds are used to provide the school and staff with supplies they needed for each school year to educate their diversity of students. Teaching grades K-12, the curriculum is extensive and these fundraisers help the school meet their requirements, he said.

“This is our sixth year putting on this 5K, and we were blessed enough to have the turnout we did to raise funds for our school,” Feist said, “to supply the students with the material they need to succeed at our school.”

The 5K run kicked off Saturday morning and several local families signed up together. Students from the school were also encouraged to enter and use the time to exercise and show support for their school. Runners and walkers from the school stuck together, pushing and encouraging each other past the finish line.

In the past, the fundraiser route began at Jeff Thornton Park and continued down to Cattle Call and back. But for safety reasons, the 5K was moved to Cattle Call Park to prevent accidents due to the great number of children participants.

In the runners category for the evening, Mark Lamoan was first to cross the finish line, followed by Rane and Kade Reeves in the youth category. BCA awarded medals to the winners, to show appreciation to those who came out to help their church educate and teach sound doctrine to the children.

With this year’s 5k completed, BCA has raised much-needed money to keep their school going and teach students through Christian education, according to Feist.