Brawley Chamber of Commerce Hosts Cattle Call Queen Workshop and Horsemanship Clinic for Contestants


DSC_3014BRAWLEY –  As the contest draws nigh, the Brawley Chamber of Commerce and Cattle Call Queen Committee hosted a workshop this past Saturday for the contestants and their parents to help prepare them for what lies ahead. The workshop took place in the Pioneers Memorial Hospital Auditorium and finished out the day at Cattle Call Arena with a Horsemanship clinic. Among the committee members, various experienced guest speakers participated in the workshop such as Tina Cox, Joy Tucker, former Miss Rodeo Arizona Laurie Brown and Yuma Jaycees Queen Contest Director Bethany Leeds to educate the girls on everything from hair and make up to their stage presence, attitude and commitment. “I would really like to impress upon the girls that by putting themselves out there in front of their own community knowing all eyes are on them, they are truly courageous and a heroic example to the community. Not everyone has that kind of courage,” said Co-Chair Kaylynn Sampson.

As the workshop moved from PMH Auditorium to the arena, the contestants saddled up despite high temperatures to practice with flags and cattle. As temperatures cooled, the contestants were left with a better understanding of what will be expected of them in this contest and as potential future title holders.

As the contest moves forward, the Chamber and Committee are hopeful that the foundation will be set to restore the Cattle Call Queen Contest to its former grandeur.  “We look forward to seeing these girls grow in the knowledge of Horsemanship, Rodeo lifestyle and the heritage of the Imperial Valley,” said Co-Chair Alexis Brown. “Most of all we want to provide these girls with the best contest and experience possible so they will enjoy themselves, make new friends and want to participate in the future.”

To support the Brawley Cattle Call Queen contest, please call the Brawley Chamber of Commerce at (760) 355-3160 or email