Brawley Chamber joins Call to Action





BRAWLEY – In an effort to support and fund the Calexico West Land Port of Entry Renovation and Expansion Project in the President’s Fiscal Year 2015 Budget level, the Brawley Chamber of Commerce is asking businesses to write letters of support to Congressman Juan Vargas.


This project plays an essential role in improving the Imperial Valley’s economic growth, not only regionally but at a national level.


With slow crossing times that can extend into the hours, the economy is hurt as workers become delayed or choose not to cross the border as a full day of work is spent waiting to cross.


Businesses also suffer as goods and trade expeditions become bogged down at the bottleneck at the Port of Entry.


The Renovation and Expansion project includes adding lanes and personnel to expedite crossings both directions.


The plan calls for a creation of new pedestrian and privately owned vehicle (POV) inspection facilities. These facilities will include 16 northbound lanes and five southbound lanes.

Additionally, a new administration space, headhouse, and 32 secondary inspection stations serving northbound and southbound traffic have been designed.

The chambers are striving for LEED® silver certification.


The project consists of two phases.


The first phase will provide additional vehicular throughput, both northbound and southbound. Ten new northbound inspection lanes and five new southbound inspection lanes will be developed.


The southbound lanes developed during the first phase will be paved with asphalt.


Permanent southbound inspection facilities such as inspection islands, booths and canopies will be deferred until phase two.


Phase one also includes secondary inspection areas serving the new northbound and southbound lanes, as well as a headhouse (command centre) and a bridge carrying southbound traffic across the New River before entering Mexico.


The second phase includes construction of the remaining six northbound vehicular inspection lanes, additional secondary inspection areas, an administration building, a new pedestrian processing facility, an employee parking structure, a concrete southbound roadway (replacing phase one’s asphalt) and permanent southbound vehicular inspection islands, booths, and canopies.



The Chamber has included a link below to customize a sample letter of how your business is effected by the Calexico West Land Port of Entry.


To see the Sample Letter Click Here


For more info contact Daniel Fitzgerald at 760.455.9456.