Brawley Basketball Clinic reaches and teaches youth

A young boy practices what he has learned while his coaches look on
A young boy practices what he has learned while his coaches look on

BRAWLEY – Brawley’s finest basketball coaches coalesced at Gateway Church gym to donate their expertise, energy, and time to teach basketball skill sets to the dozens of children that came Monday and Tuesday mornings .


Enlisted to help were BUHS girls and boys basketball players. Avery Valdez, Mariah Overton, Kyla Silva all helped retrieve balls and fine tune dribbling techniques.


The first day the coaches concentrated on technical aspects of dribbling, free throwing, and passing. The second day games such as H.O.R.S.E., Knock Out, and ‘Around the World’ were added to the fun.


Although the basketball clinic was free, donations were accepted in the name of the Captain Scott Pace Scholarship Fund.


Captain Pace died while fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan piloting his warship helicopter. Captain Pace was the captain of the BUHS Wildcat Basketball team and later played ball at West Point where he graduated with a degree in Nuclear Physics.


Helping were former Pace team members Bobby Fiero and Donelle Washington.


Coach Rashad Overton said, “It is great to see the clinic grow. We started small but now word has gotten out. We will do this again in the fall.”


Coach Phil Grant spoke to the gathered kids at the end of the first day asking how much skill it took to dunk the ball.


After a lot of cheering, Coach said, “It doesn’t take all that much skill to dunk. It’s fun and it’s dramatic, but the skills you learned today will take you farther. When my boys on the team wanted to dunk, I told them to go ahead. ‘But,’ I said, ‘if you miss, you have to do 50 dunks at practice the next day.’ From then on they were very careful to choose whether they wanted to dunk or not.”


Esteban Torrez, 10 years old, a student from Hidalgo said, “It’s fun! I like it. I am learning how to control the ball.”


Torrez plays for the Brawley Recreation team, B-Town Ballers.