Brawley Band Standouts Shine at Coronado Jazz Fest

Braden Rollins

BRAWLEY – Amy Dailey, Brawley band teacher reported to the BUHSD board on her band’s excursion to the Coronado Jazz Fest in San Diego last weekend. BUHS had not previously performed at this competition.

BUHS had members attending in two jazz bands, one was the BUHS Varsity Jazz Band and the second was the Imperial Valley Music Educators All County Honor Jazz Band, which included five BUHS band members.

Dailey said the BUHS Varsity team took Unanimous Superior ratings from all three judges; four of the students were selected for Outstanding Soloist. They were Branden Solano, freshman on piano, Enrique Molina, a senior playing trumpet, Alberto Flores, alto sax, freshman, and Braden Rollins, junior, tenor.

Braden Rollins was chosen as Outstanding Musician of their entire classification. According to Dailey, there were 28 bands, each with soloists, and out of all their soloists, Braden Rollins, ranked number 1.

Dailey also had five members from Brawley performing in the Imperial Valley Music Educators All County Honor Jazz Band.

That band won third place over all in their division, three soloists were chosen from the eight soloist that performed with the band, two were from Brawley, Branden Solano on piano, Braden Rollins on tenor sax.jazzfest_banner

Dailey said the music began at eight in the morning and continued to 4:30 in the afternoon. Included was a clinic from big band, Salt and Pepper.

“It was wonderful,” Dailey said, “the kids sat among the band, we played our charts, then they gave us private lessons. After that, they played our charts. It would be like our varsity basketball team getting private help from the Lakers and playing games along side of them.”

The band members played along greats such as Miles Davis and the Duke Ellington Band, plus other big names.

“It was a great experience for our kids. I’m super proud of them.” Dailey told the board.