Boundless Imagination: Abstraction Remixed 

Art students examine abstract paintings by Paula Izydorek on the opening day of “Boundless Imagination: Abstraction Remixed” art exhibit Thursday evening featuring paintings by Izydorek and Jack Reilly at Juanita Salazar Lowe Gallery, Imperial Valley College in Imperial. Photo by Joselito N. Villero.

Imperial, CA — From the time one of his artworks was displayed in a group exhibition last year at the Juanita Salazar Lowe Gallery, Louis Medina was drawn to spend time helping in the gallery. Today, Medina, who is taking art gallery class, acted as a host to “Boundless Imagination: Abstraction Remixed”.

The art show features the work of abstract painters Paula Izydorek and Jack Reilly who were both unable to be at the reception Tuesday afternoon.

Medina, an art student majoring in fashion, said four paintings by Paula Izydorek caught his attention. He said, “I like the colors because it is like an igniting fire. It makes the wood have its own color in the painting without having to color the wood. It actually makes the wood have its color in it.”

In a prepared statement prepared by Paula Izydorek. She said, “(My) artwork hypothesizes how submersion in the natural environment affects ones biochemistry, interpersonal conflicts and overall well being. Repetition and line markings are the foundation of her process.”

According to Izydorek, she pairs acrylic paint with birch wood to employ intertwining linear systems and geometric forms that interplay with the surface of the wood while utilizing the naturally occurring grain.

Born in Michigan, Izydorek spent her formative years in Southern California and later lived in major cities in the USA. She now resides in Cleveland, Ohio. Izydorek completed her fine art education at the San Francisco Art Institute.

Psychology major Bethany Pineiro, wearing her white baseball cap, stood in front of a painting by Izydorek, Matter Study No. 1, taking notes of her impression of the painting and to later submit a report to her instructor. She said her attraction to the painting was the serenity it evoked. “It has a lot of texture and a lot of movement, yet calming.”

Humanities Chair and Gallery Director Carol Hegarty was pleased with the paintings of Paula Izydorek and Jack Reilly.

“When the gallery committee and I met and looked at their work, we were totally impressed by their professional beautiful portfolios. They are both excellent artists. We are thrilled with the show and grateful to have their art here.”

According to Hegarty, some art students have writing assignments.She said the art show is a very important teaching tool. It is beneficial for students to have access to what accomplished professional artists are doing by experiencing it first hand.

The gallery art students displayed Izydorek’s 16 abstract paintings throughout the gallery and the two paintings of Jack Reilly. That would be a total of 18 paintings available for viewing free to students as well as for the public at Juanita Salazar Lowe Gallery until March 29.

Hegarty said the gallery class teaches students help set up, arrange and hang the paintings. It is a hands-on class.

One of the two abstract paintings on unconventional canvas by Jack Reilly called Circles of Time caught Hegarty by surprise. She said that when she unpacked the painting from its storage, the circle stood out from the rest of the unusual canvas.

“I found out that it was shadows. It looks effective. He is excellent,” said Hegarty.

Visit the following websites to view other paintings of Paula Izydorek and Jack Reilly

The art exhibit will be displayed until March 29. Entrance is free to the Juanita Salazar Lowe Gallery. Exhibit hours are Mondays: 11:45 a.m. to 12:45 p.m.; Tuesdays: 2-5:45 p.m.; Wednesdays: 1-2:30 p.m.; and Thursdays: 2-5:45 p.m. For further information call Juanita Salazar Lowe Gallery at 760.355.6198.