Board of Supervisors with IVROP’s Project Padres honor Fathers


BOS Father Day

EL CENTRO – The Board of Supervisors passed a proclamation Tuesday honoring fathers, declaring June 9th through the 15th as “Responsible Fatherhood Week.”


Father’s Day is celebrated in the United States on June 15th, 2014, which marks a day honoring fathers and celebrating the influence of fathers in society.


It also affords everyone a special day to honor the men who raised them and the thank them for their dedication and love.


The Board agreed that the bond between a father and child is important and valuable.


Male mentors are also an important foundation for building up strong young people, whether the male is their coach, teacher, pastor, or neighbor, being a strong male role model has lasting impacts of the health of any society.


The proclamation ended by claiming that all those in the Imperial County join the celebration by extending their knowledge, support, and participation in activities that promote responsible fatherhood and acknowledge fathers for their contributions to children, families, and society.


Brought up for the proclamation were IVROP’s Project Padres representatives.


The service, Project Padres, reaches out to fathers in training, classes, and skill sets, began in 2011.


Project Padres have enrolled 513 fathers from which 446 completed at least one activity.