Board approves camp for kids, mobile medical unit, and off-site meetings


Imperial County logoEL CENTRO — During the State of the County speech last February, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, Ryan Kelley, proposed taking the board meetings to all the cities in the valley and to outlying regions. Kelley stated the meetings in hometowns would allow constituents to attend and get to know the board, and the many county departments and programs offered.

Under county CEO Ralph Cordova, Jr.’s direction, a tentative schedule has been penciled in close to a quarterly calendar.

Jack Terrazas (D-2) was least pleased with the moving of the meetings, stating the inconvenience of staff and presenters, plus he wondered about availability of space in the smaller townships, streaming abilities, and disability accommodations.

“Many people have become interested in the meetings because of the streaming online. This will disrupt their ability to listen if we can not stream in areas such as Calipat or Westmorland,” Terrazas said to the board.

The dates and order of cities are not firm yet, but CEO Cordova said there would be a media push getting the times and dates publicized well in advance of the meetings.

Sue Giller who has been working on the General Plan with the County committee suggested tying the two meetings together.

“We need to get back to working on the General Plan and having public comments. The board should join those two, since the public comments must be held in the different cities, too,” Giller said.

In other business, the board approved $15, 895 to send 28 children and camp counselors to Camp Hope California, a statewide camping and mentoring facility that focuses on children exposed to domestic violence or are victims of emotional, physical or emotional abuse. Travel costs are another $8, 895.

Peggy Price, director of Social Services said the Imperial Valley pairs up with San Diego to share costs to take the group to Northern California.

The board also approved the purchase of a mobile health care mobile unit to bring medical services to communities far removed from the hospitals and clinics and to bring the unit to the scene of natural disasters in need of medical care.

Experienced program technicians able to complete eligibility determinations for Medi-Cal would staff the unit, too.

The board also certified the current maintained road mileage of imperial County to be 2,567 miles, which is the same as last year, meaning no roads were added or decommissioned.