Hundreds Run at Blue Angels’ 10K Fun Run


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AZ2 Hosler, Cody and AO2 Saene, Susana perform the color guard for the Blue Angels 10K Fun Run Event.
AZ2 Hosler, Cody and AO2 Saene, Susana perform the color guard for the Blue Angels 10K Fun Run Event.

SEELEY — The Navy MWR hosted its 5th Annual Blue Angels 10K Fun Run/ Walk/ Bike Saturday morning at Sunbeam Lake to kick off the week leading up to the Blue Angels Air Show and Festival.

With no winners awarded, except for the first male and female active duty runners, the Blue Angels 10K Fun Run is meant to be a way to get everyone out enjoying the Imperial Valley, whether that is by biking, running, or walking.

“Everyone’s a winner, it’s a family event”, said Naval Base Aquatics Manager and Blue Angels 10K Fun Run Event Coordinator Anna Doty.

The event grows in popularity each year, with 300 participants registered by Friday and more signing up that day.

The fastest group was the cyclists, crossing in less than 30 minutes. An Army engineer by the name of “Ed of England” stationed at the El Centro Navy base, was prepping for a marathon in London in two months. He overlapped half the cyclists if not more, running over 11 plus m.p.h.

Another group included retired missionary to China, Edie Eager, who cycled in 34 minutes along with retired school teacher, Janet Cowne, who had her cyclist husband, Larry Cowne, along with spare tires and encouragement. The three later cycled back to Sunbeam through the fields, making the roundtrip ride total 8 miles.

The eldest was Bill Burns at 73. He ran it in in 1 hour 34 minutes, just a hair longer than his 1 hour 28 minutes two years ago. Burns skipped last year because of a stint he had put in his heart and being diagnosed with COPD at the time.

The Navy MWR is an organization which stands for Morale, Welfare, Recreation, whose mission is to have programs and events to take care of active duty servicemen and their families, according to N-9 Carl Plummer, Community Services Director.

Doty also expressed gratitude to everyone saying she would like to “Thank everyone for supporting and participating in the event.”

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  1. The young girl who sang the National anthem was only ten! She was awesome!
    We appreciated the heartfelt invocation to our Lord! It was a fun morning!

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