Bishop Robert McElroy Visits Imperial County



EL CENTRO – The Board of Supervisor and all who attended Tuesday’s board meeting received a special visit from Bishop Robert McElroy from the Diocese of San Diego who gave the invocation and blessed all those in assistance.

On March 3, 2015, McElroy was appointed the sixth Bishop of San Diego by Pope Francis, succeeding the late Bishop Cirilo Flores. The diocese serves about one million Catholics in San Diego and Imperial counties. His installation took place on April 15, 2015, at St. Therese of Carmel Catholic Church.

“We are honored to have you here today” said Chairman Jack Terrazas. “We’ve never had a Bishop in our conference room before, it is a real honor.”

McElroy is widely regarded as a supporter of the progressive policies of Pope Francis. In his first public appearance in San Diego, he pledged to champion the cause of the homeless; to support comprehensive immigration reform; and to ban anyone who has abused minors from serving in the clergy or other employment in the diocese.