Bill with New River Funding Advances to Governor


new river
Funding for New River Strategic Plan moves forward

(SACRAMENTO, CA) – Due to Assemblyman Eduardo Garcia’s (D-Coachella) advocacy and Governor Jerry Brown’s support of Senate Bill 859, the New River will receive $1.4 million to complete phase I of cleanup and restoration. Specifically, this bill will allow the State Water Resources Control Board to fund the full expenses of planning, design and environmental documentation needed to make the New River Strategic Plan construction ready.

“I am pleased that Senate bill 859 brings the much needed resources to the New River in order to enhance the quality of life of our residents,” said Garcia. “This vital piece of legislation brings us one step closer to our goal of constructing a parkway along the New River that will give children and adults a safe place to play and enjoy the outdoors.”

The updated New River Strategic Plan will prevent dangerous exposure to the New River by capturing the flow near the border crossing and circumventing it around the City of Calexico. Beyond the City limits, the contaminated water will flow back into the original riverbed for natural remediation using constructed wetlands and aeration structures, benefiting users upstream and the water quality of the Salton Sea. The original riverbed bordering Calexico will be replenished with clean water from the City’s wastewater treatment plant using a pump back system to be installed under the project. A river parkway will then be constructed around the original river bed running through Calexico, improving residents’ quality of life by providing access to safe water, valuable recreational and leisure space.

With the passage of SB 859, the efforts to remediate and enhance the New River can begin in earnest.