Between Women Holds Painting and Wine Event for Cancer Awareness

Barbara Nilson adding leaves to her painting at the Between Women Paint and Wine event.
Barbara Nilson adds leaves to her painting at the Between Women Paint and Wine event held Friday at Hidalgo Hall in Brawley.

BRAWLEY – Between Women of Imperial Valley, a non-profit breast cancer and women’s wellness organization, hosted its third Wine and Paint party at the Hidalgo Hall to raise funds, awareness, and to just in general have a positive place where good times were celebrated.

This is the third paint and wine party Between Women has hosted where 40-60 women and men participated.  Participants drew and painted their own art while chatting, sipping wine, and simply having a good time. Between Women provided all of the painting supplies.

“We thought it would be a fun thing to do and it’s something you don’t see much of in the Valley,” said Sarah Cruz. “People like to come in and have a good time.”

Between Women creates a sense of community and family with everyone who attends the event — something that Alma Albert needed as a newly diagnosed breast cancer patient from El Centro. Someone from the Between Women group actually picks her up from her El Centro home and brings her to their events.

“It feels good because I’m never able to go anywhere,” said Albert. “I feel depressed and lonely when I’m IMG_8684inside my house.”

The Paint and Wine program has raised $1,000 to $1,300 at each previous event, and it is just one of the many events Between Women sponsors for the Imperial Valley community to provide help for those recovering from or going through treatment for breast cancer.

The group also helps sponsor mammograms for women who are uninsured as well as providing prosthetics, bras, wigs, scarves, and hats for those undergoing treatment.  Women are able to come to the support groups to help cope with what they are going through with their cancer treatments.

It is something that helps Albert and many others get through their treatments and the long hours of sitting alone at home or in a hospital. It also helps others who don’t have cancer cope with the burden of care taking or worrying about their loved ones.

Barbara Nilson of Holtville said she is always there to help at any cancer awareness event due to her daughter surviving cancer twice.

“There are so many of our friends and family around us dying from cancer. We need to keep up our spirits,” said Nilson, “and this is a good way to do that.”

All funds made at the Paint and Wine events go towards Between Women, Inc. and the work the organization does.

Between Women will also hold a luncheon and fashion show on October 1.