BESD passes 2013-14 school budget, moves Ramos to Phil Swing

Leslie Marshall
Leslie Marshall reviews the budget with the board.

BRAWLEY – The Brawley Elementary Board held a special meeting Tuesday night where they passed the budget for 2013-2014 and kept Vice Principal David Ramos at his new assignment at Phil Swing.

During opening comments Dixie Smith, retired Hidalgo teacher, David Ramos and Beatriz Duarte, 5th grade teacher from Hidalgo all spoke of their desire to retain Ramos at their school.

“Mr. Ramos is part of a smooth running car. This car runs smoothly because of teamwork. Instead of dismantling the well running car, i.e. high test scores, you should be congratulating the great team,” Smith told the board.

Ramos has been at Hidalgo for 6 years.

When the board came to the agenda action item on moving vice-principals placed there by Trustee Cesar Guzman, confusion arose when Guzman told the board he would table the item so the board could be unanimous and to bring closure to the matter.

Uncertainty on the term of ‘table’ and its role in Robert’s Rules of Order and no one giving a second to the motion brought confusion. Eventually Board President Padilla seconded the motion and it was voted down, 3-2. Padilla attempted to move to close the open meeting, but dissent arose from the public that the action item was still active and needed to be dealt with.

There was give and take between Ramos, Superintendent Ron Garcia, and the board on what was correct according to Robert’s Rules. Eventually, Padilla asked for a motion on the item, with none offered the action item died. This left standing the decision earlier to move David Ramos to Phil Swing. He will be teamed with Principal Ceci Dial.

The budget was passed 5-0 even with much uncertainty left by the state. Although Governor Brown has proposed that the past funding formula (Revenue Limit funding) be done away with in favor of Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF), the State had not adopted a budget by Tuesday’s board vote, but the state recommended that districts build their budgets on current law which is Revenue Limit funding.

Overall, there will be a $1,526,879 increase in cash flow for BESD that should arrive by the end of June 2013 due to revenue limit cash deferrals decrease from 32% to 17%.

The Federal revenue will show a decrease due to no carryover from 2013 and the sequestration. The Common Core State Standards comes with revenue of over $600,000, but not until the district develops a spending plan and a public hearing is held.

The 2013/2014 budget includes a reduction of 7 general education teachers and an increase of 1 special education teacher. It includes the addition of an Assistant Superintendent.

Classified (non-teachers) salaries reflect a reduction of one custodian, one maintenance employee, two health assistants, one bus driver, and reduced salaries and house for vacant positions.


  1. Let’s remember that David Ramos and Sally Santana are not the only ones affected by this reassignment, but it’s time to move on and be professional.

  2. Not to worry. Word on the street is Garcia has his sights on County Superintendent. He’ll leave Brole and take #1 paying job in valley.

    • i am so sure that beta will do all they can to support his efforts so they can get rid of the man they let destroy our district.

    • i dont know about that. he is making pretty darn good money now. if you add all of his perks in, his recent raise he making pretty good money. paid ins. for his ex wife, new wife and whoever else he has asked them to add.

  3. I appreciate Carl Philth’s comment because he/she knows the real scoop. All you have to do is work with David Ramos to know how lacking he is as an administrator. No PR skills, no leadership skills, and thinks he’s always right.

  4. Yea, Carl, finally someone with sense who tells it like it is. You are right on about David’s inability to be an administrator.

  5. I hate to tell you but ramos is the last person who should be any kind of administrator. Very glad to be rid of him at hidalgo, he is worthless

  6. Is anyone checking to see how the money is spent? Heard there having a party at Stockmans. Did the students foot the bill?

    • you,i and the students foot the bill. he moves money around so that it is covered up. everyone knows that. or the new board added it to his contract. unlimited spending.

  7. this is like a gang. he is the leader and they all follow. guzman always wants 5-0 votes to make him look like its ok. gloria. well what can we say. she is just a stump on a log and has no clue. janet and yvonne hang out together all the time so they just copy cat each other and then there is armando. this board needs to go.. all of them..

  8. What is Garcia still doing here? He is a known liar and likes to pick sides to practice nepotism in order to control the agenda. Add his sidekick Panduro to the equation and soon we will be just like Calexico schools.

    • its like i said. this board is in bed with him. they have no guts to stand up to what is best for our students. even the teachers are not happy with him. there is so much bad going on that i think an investigation needs to be initiated by an attorney. panduro is going to be assoc. supe and then besd is in real trouble. we are the next calexico school, i think we are even worse, only thing the ivpress won’t report anything going on here. yu have to be a liar when you don’t know what you are doing. i hope that the clique that wanted him there is happy with him. someone better watch the bond money, i heard his clique is who is on the committee to oversee it. what is his favorite word ” transparency” i don’t see any of that.

  9. That is too bad moving Mr. Ramos; he has done an outstanding job at Hidalgo and deserved to be treated with more respect. Not sure what is up with BESD any longer. Once upon a time the motto of the School Board was “Is it best for kids?” Don’t think that holds true any longer.

    • beta is so in love with this supe, that they are getting what they asked for. it is not best for students and its not fair to mr. ramos. he threw a fit when the old board wanted to move mr. laughrin, what changed. mr. ramos is not part of his clique!! sad

  10. Taking away teaching positions to create a new administrative position is counter productive to for the student’s education. It the current superintendent unable to carry the load that those who walked the steps before him were able to carry?

  11. mr. guzman, what is his purpose? its obviously not to do the right thing for the students in besd. why wait for a 5-0 vote. let everyone vote the way they want…. i hope he is happy with what he and his co board members have done. they do not want hidalgo to be successful. there has to be something in this for him… what has garcia promised him for this deal… we wonder dont we.. after all this board has given him another big raise and nothing for the teachers. we are taking money away from the ones that we are suppose to be serving, our students…. sad day in besd, or should i say another sad in besd. they are becoming more and more frequent…

  12. wow, garcia did it again. what is so different this time around. i sat in the meetings where the board wanted to move mr. laughrin and garcia threw a fit. what is so different, oh wait i think i know. the calexico vp cant do the job and we all know that ceci is a pathetic principal., so lets move mr. ramos over to clean up their mess.
    come on board, when are you going to draw the line with this crap….

    • How about demoting Ceci to VP and promoting Mr. Ramos to Principal, that seems fair.After all he knows what he is doing, maybe Ceci can learn from him.

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