BESD honors longtime employees, STEAM Academies updates

Paul Steimel was one of the many honored by the BESD board for their years of service

BRAWLEY – Tuesday night, at the BESD regular board meeting, the board learned about the upcoming summer 2014 STEAM Academies. The acronym STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, arts, and math.


Partnering with the ICOE, the El Centro Elementary School District STEM Center, and the Rainforest Art Program, the district will have two programs; the main one at Oakley and Phil Swing will host the Migrant STEAM Academy.


The classes will be for incoming 1st – 8th grade students from June 16 – July 10, with no classes on Friday.


The student sessions will begin at 8:00 am and run until 12:30 p.m. with lunch served at 11:00 a.m.


A parent showcase highlighting the students’ work will be held July 9th.


The STEAM program at Oakley is full with 352 students and a waiting list of 133 students.


The migrant program continues to recruit Migrant students, but as Director of Special Projects, Celia Santana said, “The nature of migrant students is that they are on the move. We were lucky to keep so many of them until the end of school. Many are gone now so it is harder to fill their STEAM Academy.”


The two academies must remain separate due to restrictions on federal funding of migrant programs.


The themes for the grades are bugs for the 1st and 2nd grades, rocketry for 3rd through 5th, and the 6th – 8th grades will work on robots.


In other business, Superintendent Ron Garcia recognized teachers and staff for their years of service that reached the 20, 25, 30, and 35-year milestones working for the District.


Also honored were retiring employees, Adelina Gonzalez, Kindergarten teacher at Hidalgo and Gloria Jauregui, computer Lab Aide also at Hidalgo School.




Jose  (Joe)  Delgado, Jr.,

Maintenance  Department


Douglas L. Gardner, Teacher

Barbara Worth Junior  HighSchool


Mary  R. Hall, English Language Arts Teacher

Barbara Worth Junior  High School


Susann C. Houston, First  Grade Teacher

Myron D. Witter School


Pagaretta Kimmons, School Secretary

Oakley School


Alma  L. Lopez, Paraeducator

Barbara Worth Junior  High School


Susan N. Moore, Second Grade Teacher

Oakley School


Virginia Rodriguez, English Language Arts Teacher

Barbara Worth Junior  High School


David L. Ruiz, Gardener

Maintenance Department


Terri Schoch, RSP Teacher

Barbara Worth Junior  High School


Colleen N. Villanueva, First  Grade Teacher

J.W.Oakley School




25 Years

Norma L. Blanco, Second  Grade Teacher

Myron D.  Witter School


Mirna L.Caabay, Teacher on Special Assignment

Barbara Worth Junior  High School


Sandra Chavarria,Paraeducator

Miguel Hidalgo School


Rebecca R. Cocova, School Secretary

Barbara Worth Junior  High School


Timothy J. Dial, Sixth Grade Teacher

Miguel Hidalgo  School


Elsa  Frans, Paraeducator

J .W. Oakley School


Debra  L. Hale, Principal

Myron D. Witter School


Pearl G. Rosas, Second  Grade Teacher

J. W. Oakley School


Celia M. Santana, Director of Special  Projects

District  Office


Paul R. Steimel, Physical Education Teacher

Barbara Worth Junior  High School


Socorro Tejeda, First Grade Teacher

Myron D. Witter School


Ana Maria Vasquez, Bus Driver

Transportation Department


Dean A. Wells, 7th Grade Self-Contained Classroom Teacher

Barbara Worth Junior  High School




30 Years


Miguel A. Escoto, Sr. Custodian

J. W. Oakley School


Peggy  V. Gonzalez, Paraeducator

Miguel Hidalgo School


Irene Perez,  Paraeducator

Phil D. Swing School


Herlinda Torrez, Paraeducator

Barbara Worth Junior  High School


Karen Williams, SDC Teacher

Myron D. Witter School



 35 Years


Lucy Contreras, Paraeducator

Barbara Worth Junior  High School










































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