BESD Employees’ Jobs Secured


BRAWLEY- The Brawley Elementary School District and California School Employees Association have come to an agreement to not eliminate jobs by allowing employees to bump or move to different positions in the district.

The agreement was made on March 14 between the BESD board and CSEA.  It was presented to the members of CSEA on March 27 and ratified the very same day.  According to Becky Cocova, CSEA president for BESD, the union and the board had been negotiating over this issue for weeks.

“We were really fortunate that the board was able to meet us at the bargaining table so that we could find another solution and come to this memorandum of understanding,” said Cocova.

At March’s first board meeting, six BESD employees were put on notice that their jobs would be eliminated that month to save the district money.  Some of the employees in jeopardy were people who had dedicated at least 10 years of service to the district.  CSEA responded quickly and demanded the board wait and reconsider.

The positions that were up for elimination were a child nutrition clerk, a health assistant, a skilled maintenance worker, and a speech language pathologist assistant.  The employees will either stay in their position with less hours or be moved to a different position.

However one employee will still be losing their job due to seniority bumping.  The person will be given a chance at reentering the school district in a different position with less hours.