BESD elects new board officers

(L-R) Newly elected board president Armando Padilla handed outgoing president, Gloria Santillan, a plaque for her year of leadership.


Brawley – The Brawley Elementary School Board voted for a new slate of officers Tuesday night.  Armando Padilla was elected president, Yvonne Burns, vice-president, and Janet Sandoval was elected clerk of the board.

Outgoing past president Gloria Santillan was honored for her guidance of the board during the past year during turbulent times.

Trustee Janet Sandoval said,” I just want to say as a newly elected board member last November, it was a real help to me to have such a good president. She has really helped me a lot this last year.”

Afterward the board recognized 8th graders, Seannie Payne and Arynn Weir as November Students of the month.


Seannie Payne with her mother and Vice-Principal Laughrin

Vice Principal for the 8th grade, Bob Laughrin, presented Seannie Payne with gift certificates. He explained to the room that he had never met Seannie before. “I work with those that have discipline problems and she is working the other end of the spectrum, so when they get called into my office for this honor, it usually scares them since they aren’t told why they have to see me.”

Seannie is interested in police work and plans on attending San Francisco University. Seannie has a 4.0 g.p.a. and her least favorite part of Barbara Worth is the daily drama she said.

Arynn Weir is the other 8thgrade honoree. She also has a 4.0 g.p.a.  Arynn plans to be a pediatrician and attend U.C.L.A. Her least favorite part of Barbara Worth is the fights and drama, also, she said.

Arynn Weir has plans to attend UCLA and become a pediatrician


During public comments, several mothers approached the podium to complain about the newly instituted policy of kneeling down when the whistle blows at Phil Swing School. The school bells did not work and before they could be fixed Ceci Dial, principal, had the students kneel down after the whistle was blown to end recess.

School officials were worried of children being hurt on the playground as some stopped playing at the sound of the whistle while others kept playing, throwing balls, hitting tether balls, or running because they hadn’t heard the whistle. The theory was even if they didn’t hear the whistle, they could see others kneeling and would know recess had ended.

Parents complained about not being notified of the new policy, being told different stories, and not having their calls returned by Dial.  

One parent defended Dial saying she had received a letter explaining the situation and trusted the school to make the best decisions regarding her child.

Jack Greer, a parent that recently experienced his child not having use of an inhaler at school because their prescriptions was from their physician in Mexico, spoke about the legislative work being done on the part of parents with out of state and/or country physicians. He contacted state legislator Manuel Perez and they plan on introducing a bill permitting schools more leniency in allowing medicine on campus from all physicians, not just California based doctors as the law currently reads.

He asked for the BESD board to voice their support for this bill. Greer said he plans to talk at all the school boards in the valley to garner their support also. Greer reminded the board that many county health plans include Mexican doctors in their health plans.

Greer said, “My daughter’s case was resolved, but what about the parents that come after me? They shouldn’t have to risk the life of their child because they are using a physician approved by their school health plan who prescribed an inhaler not allowed on campus.”


  1. see how he defended her in the kneeling issue. she does nothing wrong in his eyes. other schools did not do this stupid thing and they are all just fine. wait, maybe she had them kneeling to her!!! that would be so ceci dial. i am telling you all there is alot of misuse of funds going on. we need 5 people to request a grand jury investigation and they will check it out. this is what they did to the old board. ceci and 4 friends filed complaints about the brown act. by the way you can look that up and see that they were found not guilty of any wrong doing, even tho a chosen have said differently. its in the report.
    i am submitting my form, 4 more need to follow. if there is nothing to hide, then now worries. right?

  2. Situation cleared up….right? Now how about Ron’s Credit Card spending Padilla questioned.
    Should not be that complicated for our genuis board.

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