BESD Board meeting deals with policy and retirements

BESD retirees
BESD board honored the retiring classified employees

BRAWLEY – The BESD board discussed policy of the board members request for future agenda items at their meeting Tuesday night. Trustee Cesar Guzman displayed his displeasure at not being informed by President Armando Padilla that his request for the vice-principals transfer had not been placed on the agenda after his request.

The board spent some time discussing agenda requests, especially after Guzman asked for the minutes to be amended so as to state that he was the one that made the request.

The three main issues boiled down to timeliness of a request being put on the agenda, whether the board wanted to delineate from now on who makes what request, and whether board members should be called when their requests will not be on the next meeting’s agenda.

The board agreed to tackle these issues at their next training.

David Ramos took the podium soon after to discuss his transfer to Phil Swing. He stated that board policy says that before recommending the transfer or lateral rotation of an employee, the Superintendent shall confer with the affected employee and notify him of the intent to recommend the transfer. Ramos said this policy was not followed as he was told of this involuntary transfer after the decision had been made. He thought that the team of Principal Ceci Dial and Vice-Principal Mrs. Colunga at Phil Swing School, should work together longer for the stability of the school especially since there has been ever-changing administrative staff over the last years.

Ramos also recommended having the staff at Phil Swing shadow the Hidalgo administrative team of Principal Celia Santana and himself rather than breaking up a team that has shown steady progress in rising test scores for several years.

BESD anniversarySuperintendent Ron Garcia asked for a moment of silence for long time teacher, Mary Merrit, before handing out anniversary and retirement plaques. Merrit became sick towards the end of the school year and passed away recently.  The board honored the classified employees, last month they honored the certified employees.

Staff that had benchmark anniversaries were shown the board’s appreciation as those who chose to retire also were honored.