Behavioral Health Receives SPACE Award from State



(L-R) Ryan Kelley, John Renison, Michael Kelley, Andrea Kuhlen, Mohammad Asiad, Jack Terrazas and Raymond Castillo

EL CENTRO – California recognized the County of Imperial and former Director of Behavioral Health Services, Michael Horn, by awarding the Services Program, Achievement, Caring and Excellence (SPACE) Award for their services to the community.

The awards were presented by Imperial County Behavioral Health Services Chairman and CALBHBC board member Dr. Mohammad Asiad during Tuesday’s board meeting. Asiad received the award from the State in October when he attended a California Association of Local Behavioral Health Boards and Commissions (CALBHBC) meeting in Sacramento. ICBHS is the first recipient of this inaugural award.

“Today is a historical day for Imperial County,” said Asiad. “We are lucky to be the first recipient of this award and it is really exciting. This is the result of the hard work of the Behavioral Health staff and county overall. We are proud of our County and our services.”

“Imperial County Behavioral Health is very grateful to the California Association of Local Behavioral Health Boards and Commissions for this award,” said Andrea Kuhlen, ICBHS Director. “There is so much that has happened in the past ten years. Behavioral Health has made significant achievements in large part due to the leadership of our former director Michael Horn and all of his staff. We are honored to be the first county to receive this recognition.”

The second award was presented to recently retired Director of BHS Michael Horn who was selected as the best behavioral health director in the State.

“I want to thank all of the staff at Behavioral Health for their dedication, great job and hard work that they do in serving our community,” said Ray Castillo, D-5 supervisor. “It is this recognition that is given because of the work that they do.”

CALBHBC is a statewide organization whose mission is to assist local mental and behavioral health boards and commissions in carrying out their mandated functions, advocate for local concerns at the state level, and promote the improvement of the quality, quantity and cultural competency of mental health services delivered to the people of California. The association was formed in 1966 and recently created this award in an effort to acknowledge the work of local mental and behavioral health boards and commissions.