Battle by the Border Racing Thrills Fans


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Racers at the Battle by the Border get ready for the start of their race.
Racers at the Battle by the Border get ready for the start of their race.

IMPERIAL – Clouds of dust and roaring engines brought competition and camaraderie to the main grandstands at the California Mid-Winter Fair and Fiesta Saturday night at the Battle by the Border. It was a night of good fortune and hard luck for racers native to the Imperial Valley, as several took the top spots and some finished hoping for better.

Imperial native Lance Mari was one racer who ran into some hard luck. Mari has been racing for 10 years and in the days leading up to the Fair Races, he raced in both Las Vegas and Yuma where he fared well.

“I was involved in a caution on the first lap and had to go back to the pits,” says Mari. “When I came back I had a hard time trying to pass everyone. The track got real crumbly and I just couldn’t get by.”

Mari finished the race in 14th, but despite that, he is still thankful to his sponsors and the Dells for all their hard work and is looking forward to his next race.

There will two more races held at the IV Expo as part of the Battle by the Border’s six race series. They will be on Friday March 27th and Friday April 10th. The final race in the series will be held at the Cocopah Speedway the following Saturday.

Dwarf Cars:
1. Bobby Brown Jr. (El Cajon)
2. Darren Brent (Lakeside)
3. John Isabella (Santee)
4. Angel Figueroa (El Segundo)
5. Geoff Dale (Imperial)
6. David Taft (Ramona)
7. Austin Weiland (El Cajon)

IMCA Stock Cars:
1. Thomas Daffern (Brawley)
2. Brent Wofford (Yuma)
3. Jason Beshears (Yuma)
4. Leonard Manos (Yuma)
5. Joel Gonzales (Brawley)
6. Leonard Jones (Yuma)
7. Steven Daffern (Brawley) 

IMCA Northern Sport Mods:
1. Brent Ashurst(Westmorland)
2. James Dupre (Yuma)
3. Cody Daffern (Brawley)
4. Chris Toth (Holtville)
5. Corey Clayton (El Centro)
6. Larry Wyatt (Imperial)
7. Sean Callens (Brawley)
8. Kyle Smith (Yuma)
9. Schannon Mohamed (Brawley)

IMCA Modifieds:
1. Ricky Thorton Jr. (Chandler, AZ)
2. Steve McCollough (Imperial)
3 Quentin Tucker (Imperial)
4. Brian Schultz (Casa Grande, AZ)
5. Sean Stewart (Bull Head City, AZ)
6. P. J. Dyke (Jamul)
7. Jeff Sheppard Jr. (Golden Valley, AZ)
8. Russell Allen (Brawley)
9. Duane Rogers (Imperial)

California Lightening Sprints:
1. Bobby Michnowicz (Lomita)
2. Alex Grigoreas (Upland)
3. Cori Andrews (Murrieta)
4. Corey Hoover (Corona)
5. James Hesling (Beaumont)
6. Jon Robertson (Torrance)
7. Jim Squire (San Diego)
8. Mike Kotlinski (Nuevo)
9. Dale Gramer (Anaheim)

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