Barbara Worth Junior High to get more shade



Architect Jimmy Sanders explains the location of the proposed modular building and extra shade structures

BRAWLEY – At Tuesday night’s Brawley Elementary School board meeting, architect Jimmy Sanders explained to the board where the shade structures and modular building will go at Barbara Worth Junior High.

Even with split lunches, the cafeteria and the outdoor shaded section cannot hold all the students, which means many eat in the scalding sun during the hot months or are subject to the elements such as wind and rain at other times. Sanders recommended choosing a wooden foundation so if Measure S passes for a new junior high gym, the module can easily be moved to another school.

Julie Steimel, PE teacher at BWJH, stated that her students have no recourse from the heat either during one of the lunch periods, and the black asphalt is not usable for lectures because the black top is too hot for sitting and listening. She recommended the board to pass the shade and modular proposal.

The module will provide an indoor space for the overflow of the lunch crowd as well as shelter from inclement weather for the PE classes.

The board voted unanimously for both items.

Sanders also presented the board with further shade options for Oakley and Phil Swing.

 Craig Casey, principal of Oakley, said, “Children waiting for parents to pick them up need a place to wait that is in the shade.”

In other business, Jack Greer, a parent of an 8th grade student, asked for modification of a board policy that prohibited a student to use her inhaler for asthma if it was prescribed by a Mexicali doctor. Mr. Greer’s county health plan allows the use of doctors from Mexico, as he stated did many of the school health plans for their employees.

Greer was upset that even a request to leave his daughter’s inhaler with the school nurse was denied. Greer said that neither he nor his wife could guarantee being available to run the inhaler to school if she suffered an asthma attack. It enraged him that the school said they would call 911 if they could not be reached.

Garcia advised the board not to comment until he could provide them with further information. However, he said a waiver had been issued to the Greer’s for their daughter to carry her inhaler.

Greer said that he was unsatisfied with the communication he received from Garcia and that Dr. Danielian, BUHS superintendent, had produced policy and precedent for carrying an inhaler in a few days while this had carried over for weeks with BWJH.

School policy calls for only California licensed medical practitioners’ asthma inhaler prescriptions to be allowed. Garcia said the policy had not been enforced the last few years, and he intended to enforce policies the board had passed.


  1. i don’t understand it – student has asthma attacks n can’t carry her inhaler with her because it’s not a CA licensed med. ptract. prescription – many parents can’t afford the medical cost in the US so they go to Mex. for med. needs nothing wrong w/that – so change the policy – problem solved there are policies that are many many yrears old and need to be changed but gov’t will not change – I thought students came first in education – useless DRAMA

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