Barbara Worth Junior High promotes 291 8th Graders

BESD Trustee Cesar Guzman poses with 8th grade graduate Destinee Hocamp
BESD Trustee Cesar Guzman poses with 8th grade graduate Destinee Hocamp

BRAWLEY – Wednesday morning, Barbara Worth 8th graders and parents filled the BUHS Warne Field as friends looked on from the stands as graduates walked the stage and received their diploma from Principal Terry Mason.


On a warm day with a pleasant breeze, by order of last name, students who fulfilled the requirements to continue their education to 9th shook hands with the principal, received their diploma from one school trustee, then exited the stage to shake hands with a second trustee, and under better light conditions, get their photo.


Graduate Destenee Hocamp, 14, looks forward to her freshman year at BUHS. She has already made the Frosh Cheer team. However, she will be sad to leave an important person in her life the last two years, Mr. Taylor, vice-principal at Barbara Worth.


Hocamp said, “ Mr. Taylor helped me through a lot, I’m going to miss having him in my life.”


  1. so right the wrongs you talk about. quit talking about it and do something about it..if you had such a great mind you could make this whole situation go away. so dont pat yourself on the back just yet. you really have done nothing but talk about your great mind????mmmm i wonder..

      • insider, i think you really want to think you are a hero. so be one and do what you talk about. right the wrongs in besd. get some people behind you and make it happen. quit talking about it.. do something..

  2. you are not a whistle blower. you allow this to go on. look up the definition of a whistle blower. you are not one. you know alot but do absolutly nothing about it… you are allowing things to happen and do nothing… shame on you

    • Calm down Muchachita. You don’t know me. I have my ways of doing things. Things have been exposed and corrected the right way. Little, but important to individuals who did not want their problem exposed because they did not want attention, but correction. I exclude big mouths like you because you basically warn the culprits of incoming attacks. My postings here are just one of my many tactics on how to get things corrected.

      • wow, insider, you are letting this go on in besd knowing some facts..i agree shame on you… if you were a whistle blower then you would do the correct thing,g if the individuals would join together like they did before but this time to get rid of him that would be great.. i have not heard of anything getting corrected because you are all afraid of this man.. you are too or you would be a whistle blower. i agree with brawley girl, look up the definition of one. you are not one. sorry you may think you are or want to be one but youre not..i dont blame them for not wanting attention, but it is because they are afraid of him. even you are or you would expose the things you say are going on, you say stealing tax payers money, lieing, you are just as guilty of that as him because you are allowing this to go on knowing the truth… you are no better than him at this point… because you supposedly know what is happening…

        • Calmados, can’t hit a gran slam without having people on board. By that I mean, people who work for the school and have access to records and are not afraid of retaliation. I’m very limited on what I can do, those who I have helped have come to me with their particular problem and did not want any attention. Dozens of school employees speak and are tired of Garcia’s and Panduro’s little games…but they want someone from the outside to do all the dirty work. Start on group dedicated to making these two accountable….maybe then I can put my two cents in. We can all be Whistle Blower’s.

          • people can not be on board with out knowing the truth about what is going on.. you can write a letter to the grand jury and have others do the same. they can investigate and keep things confidential. i did last time.. no ones i was one of the ones that wrote to them. i hear alot but not sure if its all true or not.. whistle blowers can not be punished by law. if you remember mr garcia called himself a whistle blower for some reason. i think about irene salazar. he was clueless, mr. moreno took care of that. he just wanted all the credit…i say make the move. i know alot of people will be behind you. i will have your back… you can not let it continue, if what you say is true. you have to come forward for the sake of students and besd. dont wait until its too late. man up… accountable for what? that what people need to know. what are they doing and where is the proof… we need it…. lets do this together.

  3. insider:you say you like being a whistle blower?? what? you are a not a whistle blower. if you were you would make your statements to the right people that protect whistle blowers. you can not be touched if you were to come forward with any information that is being done illegally. especially the stealing. you are allowing this to happen along with many others. its for our kids, stand up and man up!!
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  5. Insider, Insider, Insider…. must you always attack people? Try attacking ideas. you have heard the old saying small minds go after people, great minds go after ideas?

    • I like attacking lying cheaters who steal taxpayers money and practice nepotism. I like being a whistle blower. It sounds like you have no clue of these two characters. Some like to stop and help and some just don’t have it in them to correct the wrong. Good Enough. Minds like mind are in constant demand to right wrongs…but what would you know. Take that great mind of yours and put it away…don’t want to tarnish that GREAT MIND.

  6. I saw that Ron Garcia’s Wife had a shuttle from her car to the stage, which had Industrial Fans pointing at Garcia’s and Panduro’s Harem. What’s up with that?

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