Author Diana Lindsay lectures on new book ‘Coast to Cactus’ at Pioneers Museum

Author Diana Lindsay speaks on Borrego Palm Canyon and the other interesting habitats hikers can experience. Lindsay talked about her newly published book at Pioneers Museum Friday during the museum’s lecture series.

IMPERIAL – Closing out the 2017 lecture series season for Imperial Valley Pioneers Museum, the curators hosted Diana Lindsay Friday to promote her newly published book “Coast to Cactus: The Canyoneer Trail Guide to San Diego Outdoors.”

Lindsay is a frequent visitor to the Imperial Valley, lecturing many times at the museum. Her other published works include “Ricardo Breceda: Accidental Artist” and “Marshal South and the Ghost Mountain Chronicles.”

Before diving into her new book, Lindsay shared with the crowd that this was the fiftieth anniversary of her visits to Imperial Valley after her husband initially decided to check out the area following his flight across the Laguna Mountains when he noticed a big and empty desert.

With that in mind, the author’s new book focuses on the environments and wildlife hikers can come across when taking various hiking trails. The book also uses a different method of identifying trails, basing the locations on state highways as landmarks instead of the usual latitude and longitude.

The book also discusses the various animals and plant life a hiker might come across in the different areas. An example of this from the book is San Diego’s hiking trail on Mount Woodson and the habitation people come across as well as the famous “potato chip rock” formation that hikers buzz to for a daring photo opportunity.

“Coast to Cactus” was a five-year project that was put together by Lindsay and the members of the Canyoneers at the San Diego Museum of Natural History, she said.

“The Canyoneers are a voluntary branch of San Diego’s Natural History Museum that schedule different hikes through the San Diego area that help hikers learn about the different habitats and other wildlife that people can encounter on these trails,” said Lindsay.

One of the more popular hiking trails that “Coast to Cactus” looks at is Borrego Palm Canyon. The trail that the Canyoneers take leads to one of the only indigenous palm trees that grow in the Borrego Springs area. The book also gives tips to hikers on how palm trees are a good source of water for those in desperate need.

“This book is not only a trail guide, but a good tool for hikers to be prepared for some of the struggles that hikers can face on their trek,” Lindsay said.

Lindsay has donated her royalties from the sale of this book to San Diego’s Natural History Museum to help expand the museum’s projects and resources it offers to the the public.

“We worked to make this book a success with countless hours of research to present the knowledge of these different locations that need to be protected and preserved,” she said.