Assemblymember Garcia’s legislation seeks to put more clean trucks on the road


SACRAMENTO, CA— Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia’s (D-Coachella) measure to increase clean vehicles and reduce emissions has successfully passed the Assembly and made its way to the Senate stated on a press release from Garcia’s office.
In addition to our state’s 2030 climate targets, California is currently working to meet health-based air quality standards established by the Federal Clean Air Act. Failure to comply by 2023 jeopardizes our state’s federal transportation funding.

According to the press release, Assemblymember Garcia stated that “The grim reality is that our most vulnerable populations, like those in my district are disproportionately affected by pollution,” stated Assemblymember Garcia. “Communities of color and the economically disadvantaged along transportation corridors are left to face the dire health ramifications of poor air quality, such as cancer, asthma and other respiratory diseases.”

Nearly 80% of smog forming pollutants in the South Coast and San Joaquin Valley Air Districts come from heavy-duty vehicles, e.g., trucks and buses.

AB 1073, California Clean Truck, Bus, and Off-Road Vehicle and Equipment Technology Program, aims to alleviate a majority of those pollutants by providing incentives for more zero- and near-zero-emission vehicles. Specifically, it would require the state board to allocate no less than 20% of available funding to support the early commercial deployment or existing zero- and near-zero-emission heavy-duty truck technology until January 1, 2023 said the release.

“This is the next step for California’s climate leadership. Incentivizing the use of more clean fuel heavy duty trucks for goods movement will significantly reduce a major source of pollution,” exclaimed Assemblymember Garcia. “This measure will help our state achieve our emission reduction, and long term climate goals while working to improve air quality to create a healthier California for future generations to enjoy.”  Stated Assemblymember Garcia in his press release.


  1. eddie, or is it poco coco, the puppet again dances to the commands of jerry brown and the demoncrats in sacramento
    eddie if you cared about the people you represent you would not vote to raise taxes on them, you would not vote to support criminals instead of them, you would not vote to continue the policies of jerry brown and the demoncrats which are abusive to children and the elderly
    Of course the People do not matter, poco coco will continue to dance how and when the string pullers desire as long as he has benefits. Like others, he will be thrown to the side when he is no longer useful to the masters

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