Assemblymember Garcia Hosts “Meet and Greet” Over Coffee and Crepes

Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia chats with members of the community during a meet and greet event at the Hope Cafe and Creperie Friday in Calexico.

CALEXICO – Over coffee and crepes, California Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia (District 56) chatted and answered questions regarding state legislative matters in the area with community members Friday evening at the Hope Café & Creperie in Calexico.

“I want to make sure we continue to make ourselves accessible to our constituents, give them an update on what’s happening in Sacramento as we speak, and to get their feedback in terms of things we should be focusing on and ways we can help,” said Garcia.

The Hope Café was at full capacity as residents made their way inside. Eager to meet Garcia, many approached him with concerns, while others simply took the opportunity to share a cup of coffee and take a picture.

“It isn’t often we get to meet with someone with a high rank as Mr. Garcia,” said Ricardo Favela. “He (Garcia) came over to our table, pulled up a chair and began to chat with me and my family. He gave us confidence that he is working for the community and doing what is best.”

Garcia said he is focusing on ways to help various community efforts that are underway in the Valley.

“I spoke with the Chamber (Hildy Carrillo from the Calexico Chamber of Commerce) who has some great programs and projects planned out, and I want to help them promote health and wellness in addition to minimizing asthma and child obesity rates,” said Garcia. “I also spoke with the Calexico Chief of Police Reggie Gomez and discussed his needs in the police department.”

Garcia said he was happy with the well-rounded group of people that turned out, ranging from community members, council representatives and school board representatives.

“It was a great experience having a serious discussion with Assemblyman Garcia on a one to one basis,” said Hildy Carrillo, executive director of the Calexico Chamber. “He knows details of issues that he was already aware of and what was interesting: I realized how connected he is to our community. Assemblyman Garcia was cordial, interested, knowledgeable and gave us his time.”

According to Garcia, the major issues discussed were public safety and the need of funding in the Calexico police department, and the city looking at ways to stimulate the economic activity in the downtown area.

“Garcia and I usually have good conversations” said Councilmember Armando Real. “It was good talking to him today. We talk on the phone at least once a week, like we are supposed to.”

Resident Linda Ulloa said it was a great experience to meet Garcia and learn more about things that are happening in the Valley that affect everyone.

“This was a good opportunity to re-enforce some of the things we heard before, and hear some of the successes that have been going on,” said Garcia.

“I’m excited that many people attended and even those who didn’t come for this purpose, who I had a chance to talk to as well. We even had a visit from a veteran who shared not only what he has done in his career, but also the challenges he’s seen as a member of the American Legion,” said Garcia.

Manuel and Magda Guerrero, owners of the Hope Café & Creperie, received special recognition from Garcia for the newly-opened business and he wished them luck and success in the future.

Garcia plans to host another “Meet and Greet” in the city of Brawley in March.

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