Assemblyman V. Manuel Perez supports Supreme Court rulings


 Supreme Court Decides Whether Of Not To Review Challenge Of California's Prop 8

(SACRAMENTO) – State Assemblymember V. Manuel Pérez issued the following statement on the United States Supreme Court rulings:


The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled on the matter of Hollingsworth v. Perry, making same sex marriage legal once again in the state of California.  This, together with the Court’s decision on the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), is a major step forward not only for LGBT Californians, but for all people who resist discrimination in all of its forms and support equal protection under the law.


Marriage validates the loving commitment between two people who seek to build and share a life together. It also confers benefits, protections, and responsibilities that should not be exclusive to straight couples. Thanks to these rulings, LGBT Californians will no longer be unjustly denied access to this profound experience.


Though the struggle for equality continues, it is heartening to see that even in the five years that have passed since Proposition 8, our society continues to move towards fulfilling the promise of dignity, fairness, and justice for all Americans.


By a 5-4 vote, the U.S. Supreme Court voted on Wednesday that the parties who put Proposition 8 on California ballots in 2008 did not have the constitutional standing to defend the law in the federal courts after the Governor nor the Attorney General of the State of California refused to appeal its loss at trial.   The Court also voted 5-4 to strike down a part of the federal Defense of Marriage Act and declaring that same-sex couples who are legally married deserve equal access to the benefits under federal law that all other married couples enjoy.

Imperial County voted 66% to support Proposition 8 that declared marriage to be between a man and a women.