Asm. V. Manuel Pérez announces state funding awards to local governments



(SACRAMENTO) – Majority Floor Leader V. Manuel Pérez is pleased to report that five local jurisdictions – the cities of Calexico, El Centro, Indio, and Coachella and the County of Imperial – have been awarded funding from the Housing-Related Parks (HRP) program administered by the State of California’s Department of Housing and Community Development. The specific awards are as follows:

Jurisdiction                    Award Amount
City of Calexico                  $593,925
City of El Centro                $336,375
City of Indio                       $1,010,700
City of Coachella               $1,505,650
County of Imperial               $125,650

“My congratulations go out to these local governments. These awards are a great validation of the work they are doing to provide an appropriate supply of affordable housing for our lower-income workers and families,” said Pérez. “I know they will put the funds to good use toward public parks and recreation facilities that will improve quality of life for all local families.”

The State of California’s HRP program is funded through Proposition 1C, the Housing and Emergency Shelter Trust Fund Act of 2006. The program incentivizes the development of housing affordable for low-income households by rewarding cities that comply with state housing element law with resources to meet related neighborhood needs. The HRP grants can be used for capital projects to improve or construct parks and recreation facilities, play areas, and community centers.