Asm. Manuel Pérez Statement on Announced Closure of National Beef Plant in Brawley


v.manuel perez


(SACRAMENTO) – State Assemblymember V. Manuel Pérez made the following statement in response to today’s announcement of the closure of the National Beef plant in Brawley:


The announced closure of the National Beef plant in Brawley is extremely troubling news.

My thoughts are with the many individuals and families who will be impacted by this decision, who must be feeling quite distressed and fearful as they face the prospect of unemployment and its uncertainties.

The closure will no doubt also have a ripple effect for the local and regional economy — it’s a painful blow for our communities still struggling to rebound from the recession.

I am spending the afternoon in Brawley to meet with National Beef and city leaders to better understand the circumstances surrounding this decision and its ramifications.  It goes without saying that I stand ready to work with the city and my state and federal counterparts to address the many challenges facing Brawley and the Imperial Valley region as a result of this unhappy turn of events.


National Beef Packing Company is one of the Imperial Valley’s largest private employers, with approximately 1,300 employees. The plant’s last day of production is anticipated to be April 4, 2014.