As Environment Committee Chair Boxer Plans Push for Climate Legislation

Senator Barbara Boxer at the Salton Sea

WASHINGTON D.C. –  As a long time advocate for addressing climate change, California Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer is praising the attention President Obama is now drawing to global warming. And Boxer has plans of her own to tackle the issue. After the issue of climate change all but disappeared in the presidential election, many people were surprised when Mr. Obama used his second inaugural address to call for drastic curbs on carbon emissions.

Republicans, who control the House though, are focused on expanding oil and gas drilling and ending some renewable energy tax breaks. So Boxer wants the president to use the power of the Environmental Protection Agency.

BOXER: “EPA has control over probably about more than 70% of the problem. Electrical sources are responsible for a good portion, industrial sources and transportation.”

As chair of the Senate environment committee Boxer knows the political reality limits her options. She says she’s drafting legislation with that in mind.

BOXER: “Eleven percent of emissions are related to buildings, so we’re going to push forward with energy efficiency and other things.”

Even Boxer’s limited climate legislation is likely to spark a political battle, but she says she will not back down.


  1. another way to suck money from one group to give to another. global warming is not real. to think that mankind can change weather and that taxation will fix it is a mental illness.

    clean air, water and efficiency are possible by letting a free market go to it. profit motives are fine when it is an honest profit. let people decide, not government!

    al gore has shown he is a fraud by selling out to anti American oil money amongst other things, like a huge house and of course private aircraft. no problem with such things, just be honest about it

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