Art in the Quad Celebrating Its Ninth Year at Imperial High School



IMPERIAL – The Ninth Annual Imperial High School End-of-the-Year Art Show held Tuesday evening, May 27, 2014, honored artists of many disciplines along with a special teacher.

I.H.S. Principal Roger Ruvalcaba announced that this year’s show was dedicated to retiring Mrs. Barbara Stensgard, ROP foods Production and Interior Design Instructor.

Stensgard said that the Art Show was “a wonderful celebration of our students’ accomplishments in areas that, in some schools, have been overlooked.  That is one of the many excellent qualities of our school district, and Imperial High School in particular.”

Stensgard thanked retired art teacher Janet Cowne for “the great tradition you started. The changes and additions to the Art Show are limited only by our imaginations. I loved seeing the students dressed-up and proudly pointing out their work to friends and family.  What a positive and enriching evening!”

Stensgard was not expecting to be spotlighted at the art show.  She said, “My greatest accomplishments are merely the accomplishments of groups and individual students.  What an honor to have been a teacher at Imperial High School.  My life will never be the same because of the people and heart of this community!”

Principal Ruvalcalba in a more somber tone, then asked the entire audience present to stand with him a for a moment of silence to note the passing of Mr. Jack Little who had taught world history for many years at the high school and led the Academic Decathalon in many competitions. He just recently took a leave of absence while waiting for a liver transplant.

Awards followed beginning with Mike Nicholas of I.V.C.’s tech department who juried the computer graphics work from senior Art teacher, Mrs. Kathy Tharp’s classes. Mrs. Cowne juried the drawings and paintings from first year teacher Jenynah Peinado. The judges selected the top fifteen artworks in each of their fields highlighting the top five out of each field.

The top five winners in computer graphics were Jose Zamorano using Illustrator,Jonathan Rangel usingMovie Poster and Photoshop, Jose Cota using Illustrator,Angela Jimenez using Window to the Past, and Photoshop, and Keashara Smith using Mosaic and Photoshop.

The other top 10 are as follows: Ivonne using Illustrator; Gabriella Smith Illustrator and Tablet Drawing, taking 2 awards; Jovi Rodriquez – Tablet Drawing ; Steven Dial – Illustrator; Jonathan Romero – Window to the Past; Issak Sainz – Eye Drawing; Tori Cook, Window to the Past”; Robert Colace – Illustrator ; Hazmin Guardado – Cause Poster


IMG_6758Senior Baleigh Arthur’s “Monochromatic” flowers was the top studio arts piece. Julissa Barcenas’s self portrait,  Felicia Mallillin’s black and white Zentangle,  Destiny Monrreal’s Acrylic “Roses”, and Meghan Parkhill’s Colored pencil “Apples” rounded out the top five, followed by additional honors awarded to Librada De Lira, Natasia Marquez, Destiny Monrreal,   Jennifer Salazar, Jesus Prado, Jade Ester,  Madalyn Arevalo,  Melissa Gutierrez,  Kevin Torres, Kristopher Naylor.

Held in the open Quad on the high school’s main grounds, hundreds of parents, staff, and students wandered among the open center tent and visiting the many art-studded displays.

The Imperial High Jazz Ensemble led by Brooke Kofford filled the air with music and George Scott’s choral students voices projected far and wide by the curved sound shells set up on the Quad’s west side.

Playing guitar, Jonathan Rangle’s lone baritone floated above the grounds along with the colorful balloons and home-made banners to close out the festivities.