Arsonist hits downtown Brawley on Easter



2BRAWLEY – Brawley Fire Department and Police Department responded to a passerby’s call about a possible fire near Superior Furniture at 4:58 p.m. Sunday afternoon.

As they were responding, another call came in about a fire behind the office of Dr. Baig at 565 Main.

The parking structure behind Dr. Baig’s was engulfed in flames.

A pile of debris was burning behind Lewman’s Floral at 601 Main.

Both fires were contained.

 Brawley Police Commander Brett Houser said, “This is the first daytime set of events.”

A number of fires have been set in the area of downtown Brawley recently.

Break-ins are occurring throughout the city to homes, businesses, and autos.

Police presence is being heightened, but mainly late at night and early morning, when most of the crimes are being committed.

Brawley residents are being asked to be aware of anything out of the normal around their homes or businesses and to report anything unusual to the Brawley Police Department.