Arizona Border Patrol Arrest for Passport Fraud and 16 People over Columbus Day Weekend


U.S. Border PatrolMan with Extraditable Warrant for Passport Fraud Arrested

YUMA – Blythe Station Border Patrol agents arrested a male Mexican national Tuesday night on Interstate 10, near Ehrenberg, Arizona, and later learned of an extraditable warrant out of San Francisco for his arrest.

The man claimed to be a United States citizen by presenting a driver’s license and birth certificate. However, inconsistent statements and additional records checks revealed a federal warrant under another name and citing passport fraud. The man then admitted to being in the country illegally and having paid someone for the birth certificate. He was also in possession of .25 grams of methamphetamine.

Agents turned the man over to the State Diplomatic Security Office and will process the drugs per Yuma Sector guidelines.


Sixteen Arrested, More Than 450 Pounds of Drugs Seized

YUMA – Wellton Border Patrol agents arrested 16 people and seized 474 pounds of marijuana, worth an estimated $237,000, during separate incidents over the Columbus Day holiday weekend.

Friday, Oct. 9, eight illegal aliens were arrested south of Interstate 8, near Gila Bend, with 247 pounds of marijuana.

In separate incidents Saturday, Oct. 10, five illegal aliens with 227 pounds of marijuana were arrested. Another three were rescued and treated for minor dehydration near the Border Patrol’s Camp Grip Forward Operating Base after they called 911.

All subjects and drugs were processed per Yuma Sector guidelines.