Are We Pro-Business?


geothermal billThe Imperial Valley, and Brawley in particular, has taken big hits recently with the California Legislature unable, or unwilling to pass SB 1139, the geothermal bill that would have grown the geothermal industry at the Salton Sea, and helped pay for part of the necessary playa cleanup once the Sea begins to dramatically recede when the IID quits dumping Colorado River water into it.

The other disappointment was the Tesla factories decision to build their mega-factory in Nevada rather than the north end of the Imperial Valley. Again, California, most likely their first choice since it is their home base, lost out because of anti-business laws generated from Sacramento.

The Brawley Car Wash is closing their doors. The State is mandating unreasonable fees the car wash cannot possibly pay. The unregulated carwashes can remain open, for a while, until the all-seeing eye from Sacramento focuses on their operations.

National Beef moved away and took their billion dollar business elsewhere, also citing unfavorable atmosphere of doing business in the Golden State.

People may argue that they needed to obey the environmental laws for the health of the locals. National Beef did nothing that threatened our health. Their new home in Kansas understands that. They had no problem welcoming them back.

Did National Beef need to clean their water leaving the plant? Yes, and they did, just not to the standards imparted by bureaucrats in Sacramento.

As the DR talks to businesses throughout the Imperial Valley, the sad tale is the same. Businesses are hurting and taxes, along with the cost of doing business through the State, are rising.

We seem to keep electing officials who promise us all sorts of “goodies”. Those “goodies” come from the meat of businesses, not the fat. Business men and women are not evil. They are our neighbors, our friends, and our family.

We either decide as a county and as a state that we are pro-business and vote to take the governmental boot-straps off of their necks, or we prepare for a downtown that is even emptier than it is now.


  1. Farming is doing well! KROP survives via a farmer too. Nothing wrong with the current farmers… they are going to help revitalize downtown. They will have to pay their employees 10 bucks an hour next year too. The old guard will be dying off soon and the new Farmers(Offspring)will become more liberal. Some of the kids are real shmucks but they will learn and become GREEN. Lets hope so.

  2. Good insight Anony. Ag made their money and the elite are still vacationing and flying all over the world while Peons keep the cash flow going. In other words, The Man still runs the show. And DR is getting a good token to flaunt it.

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