Anne Mallory, Imperial County Superintendent of Schools Announces Bid for Re-election


El CENTRO – Anne Mallory announced her intent to seek re-election as Imperial County Superintendent of Schools today.  The election for this non-partisan office will take place on June 3, 2014.

Mallory has thirty five years experience as an educator.  In addition to more than ten years as a classroom teacher,  Mallory served as Superintendent of an elementary and unified school district as well as a vice-principal and state and federal projects director.

   She also provided leadership as Assistant, Associate and Deputy Superintendent at Imperial County Office of Education. 

In 2001, she served on behalf of former County Superintendent John Anderson as Interim Superintendent for Holtville Unified School District and was successful in securing state funding for the Science Building at Holtville High School.   In 2009, she was appointed as Imperial County Superintendent of Schools. 

As Imperial County Superintendent of Schools and throughout her thirty five years of service in various roles, Anne has been a strong advocate for students.

 “Imperial County schools serve some of the most economically disadvantaged children in the country.  Ensuring that all students are well-prepared to make informed career and college choices is crucial to the economic viability of Imperial County”, stated Mallory.   “It is essential that we ensure that all students receive a rigorous and relevant academic program to support them in discovery of their strengths, talents  and interests.   Students must be informed on viable options whether that be a college education or learning the necessary skills for a specific trade.”      

Mallory took office at the same time that California and the nation faced severe fiscal obstacles.  

“A major responsibility of the County Superintendent is to anticipate and respond to current and future challenges in education.  This includes fiscal oversight, as well as monitoring for proper credentials and assignments of staff, safe and clean facilities, adequate textbook supply,” she stated.

 In 2009, due to her concern with the State Budget, she chose not to hire a replacement to fill her former position as Deputy Superintendent.  Though state funding cuts forced significant staff layoffs, she has maintained a high level of service and support to school districts.

 This has included providing high quality staff development and support for school district teachers and administrators, fiscal oversight and staff development to school districts, educating students with special needs or circumstances, operating preschool programs throughout the county and providing staff development to childcare providers as well as assisting school districts with business operations, technology, credentials, human resources and facilities.  

During her time in office, she provided support to local charter schools including staff development, HR and credential support in addition to other services.   

Mallory is fluent in Spanish and a former bilingual teacher. 

 She is well-connected to key educational leaders in Sacramento including the State Superintendent of Public Instruction and his staff.  She was appointed to the State Superintendents’ Education Technology Task Force in 2012 and also served in various statewide leadership roles to ensure that Imperial County students are well-represented.  

 As a result of her network, local students have been afforded rare opportunities, such as the recent video conference with former President Carter.

She worked closely with IVC and SDSU-IV on the Imperial Valley University Partnership, which offers local students a baccalaureate degree in four years at a reasonable cost.

Recently, the Imperial Valley Center for Exceptional Children underwent significant upgrades to provide needed changes and better serve students. Under Mallory’s leadership, ICOE has also worked closely with the IID and others to install solar panels and energy efficient lighting which resulted in a significant reduction in power costs.

Mallory stated that her plans for the upcoming term are already underway and she is looking forward to continuing to serve the children and families of Imperial County.  

She is currently working closely with eligible school districts in preparation of a highly competitive federal Gear Up Grant, which will continue to prepare students for higher education opportunities. 

She is also exploring options with high school districts to identify and support all students at risk of dropping out of school by offering a program that incorporates teaching career-technical skills while earning a diploma.

Under her direction, ICOE is providing ongoing leadership to school districts on the requirements and demands of the newly-adopted Local Control Funding Formula and other statewide initiatives.

Mallory and her husband Vance are the parents of two grown sons. She is a lifelong resident of Imperial County with the exception of absence during her college years at the University of California, Santa Barbara and UC Irvine.