An early Valentine’s Present


drop cap The leaves have fallen and so the pressure is building up. This month is Valentine’s Day! Feeling panic! Getting hot flashes even though it is 40 degrees outside! This is very common for men to have a meltdown as February looms large. Listen for a user friendly Valentine suggestion!

My wife and I attended “The War Room” film by the Kendrick brothers at our church last night. It got us in the Valentine mood in mid-January! It was a great movie. It affirmed some of the good stuff we are doing in our marriage, and for the Lord, but it also convicted us to do better. If you were to purchase or borrow the movie, get the kids out of the house (or they could watch it too), and pick up some food to go, you will get an early and solid start on Valentine’s Day.

Our church is going to be doing a Bible study on “Love Languages” in February so if you want specifics, call 344-3831. It begins Wednesday, 2/3 at 6:30 pm. Many churches have the curriculum, the books or other good stuff for couples, and “The War Room” gives several great love messages.  The main theme of the movie is praying and relying on God’s power rather than our own efforts. We will often yell, complain, nag, withdraw or use other ineffective tools to improve marital harmony. The Bible says when words are many, sin is often near, and it is often wise to let your word be few.

I am not going to go into the meat of the movie, which you can get from a trailer. It is basically about many marriages that are in the process of going down in flames due to stress, neglect or an unwillingness of partners to acknowledge their own sin. Prayer is powerful, and it can encompass all of the love languages. When we pray with our partner, we are serving them. We are asking God for good and protection for them and their day. It can also be physical. At the end of the movie, our church, held hands, got in a circle and prayed for our church, our community, our families, our nation, and you too Bubba!

Powerful prayer also involves praise and affirmation. We tell God how good He is, how blessed we are and how we value those around us. Can you really pray for someone without affirming or valuing them?  Prayer is also time well spent. We waste much time watching TV, on Face Book, playing with electronics or on the internet. Just minutes of prayer a day can transform your life, your marriage and those around you. As Christians, we need to work smarter, not harder. Quit complaining about Washington, but change things around you with prayer. If you won’t do something to make your home more holy, don’t rely on Washington to be our moral compass.

Too often Valentine’s Day is about the gifts, things and our focus on the material world. In “The War Room”, the pursuit of money and all it can buy can be the road to perdition. It is good to give gifts, but we need to love others with many languages, not just one. Just a suggestion: Get to roses, candy or whatever, but don’t forget the gifts that keep on giving. A night with “The War Room”, just might make the best Valentine’s Day ever!