Amaris Ministries and Christ Community Host “Kids from Hard Places” Conference

Jayne Schooler instructs groups to act out different scenarios on how to properly handle situations that require discipline.
Jayne Schooler has groups act out different scenarios to instruct on how to properly handle situations that require discipline.

EL CENTRO — Christ Community Church, along with Amaris Ministries, hosted its second annual “Kids from Hard Places” conference Friday to teach care givers comprehensive and practical training on caring for foster children or kids from “hard places.”

Located at Christ Community Church, the fellowship hall, filled up with over 40 people in attendance to hear keynote speakers Jayne and Dr. David Schooler. The couple began a journey into the foster care world when a youth at their church asked the question, “Will you become my foster parents?” As they answered yes, the Schoolers began a journey that lead them to teaching others how to care for these youths both emotionally and mentally.

“When a child has experienced trauma in their lives, it can affect their biology, mind, beliefs, and actions,” said Dr. Schooler. “It is important for care givers to know how to approach each situation, especially when it comes to discipline.”

During this two day conference, they spoke on how trauma affects children and how to best handle the situation when disciplining.

To illustrate, Jayne Schooler had each table work as a group to act out different scenarios in which a child needed to be talked to or disciplined. With each scenario, the Schoolers showed attendees how to calmly approach the situation so the youth can learn a lesson instead of being mentally or physically abused.

To wrap up the two-day conference, the Schoolers showed videos on techniques in caring for children that come from hard places and how to connect with them to start building a trusting, loving relationship with one another.