Alleged voter fraud brought up at Supervisor’s Meeting

Interim Voter Registrar Debra Porter
Interim Voter Registrar Debra Porter

EL CENTRO – A voter brought his concerns to the Imperial Valley Board of Supervisors saying there may be some corruption going on in the elections office.

Interim Voter Registrar Debra Porter says there is no such thing.

“The certification for the election on November 5th was brought before the board today so the board can review it and approve it, basically that’s all it was,” Porter said.

The concern of ballots being thrown out came up during public comments.  Porter countered that the allegation was absolutely not the case. When ballots are voided a duplicate is made, ballots are never thrown out, she explained.

“We keep a very good log on provincial ballots. We take the voter’s ballot and we put “void” on it and then a board comes in, they get a new ballot, and they put exactly the markings of the voter on the new ballot,” Porter said.

“There is no controversies that we heard, there has always been some concerns of incidents,  and people who have lost their polling place are not satisfied with the fact that their precinct was done away with,” Imperial County Board of Supervisor Jack Terrazas said.

Polling locations close when the number of voters in a precinct drop below 250.

“They become a mail-only precinct, but that happens in general whenever numbers dwindle and it is no longer feasible to carry on a whole precinct,” Terrazas said.

The board of supervisors approved the results of the election which the Voter Registrar certified those results.