Agitated pit bull threatened child, then wounded by officer


Brawley Police DepartmentBRAWLEY – On November 7th, 2013 at approximately 6:42 AM, an officer from the City of Brawley Police Department was dispatched to the block of 300 West A Street regarding a vicious pit-bull. As the officer arrived on scene, he was flagged down by a witness who stated a pit-bull had just attempted to attack a child walking in the area. The witness pointed out the area where the pit-bull was located.


The officer found the pit-bull in the front yard of a residence and could see it was agitated. The officer radioed for the City of Brawley Animal Control Officer and was standing by for his arrival. As the officer was waiting for animal control, he approached the residence next door in an attempt to locate the owner. As the officer started walking to the neighboring residence, the pit-bull charged the officer and the officer discharged his weapon, striking the pit-bull.


The owner of the pit-bull was located after the incident and the animal was taken to a veterinarian for treatment.    Police are considering whether charges or citations will be issued against the owner of the pit-bull. It is noted that the location of the incident was in close proximity to Phil Swing Elementary School.